League Information

Fakenham Tennis club has teams in various local leagues, which change periodically, depending on the number of players wishing to play matches.

For the 2022 season the club is playing in the mixed Castle Acre league, & the North Norfolk league.

The Castle Acre league changed its format for the 2011 season, from 3 to 2 pairs, with each pair playing two sets against each of the opposition pairs. In this league, if the score reaches 5-5, then two more games are played, resulting in either a draw at 6-6 or one team winning 7-5. Matches are played on a home or away basis, also for the first time in 2011, due to an increase in teams entering and are between clubs within a 12-mile radius of Fakenham. These changes have proved to be successful & have continued, but will be reviewed at the A.G.M. This friendly league always produces some good matches, & competitive play. Teams can then play some friendly matches, with a different format once the league is completed & this is where some of the B & C teams may decide to play.   In the 2021 season Fakenham finished 2nd, having been champions in 2019 (no league in 2020 – covid) so hope to re-gain the trophy this season.

The North Norfolk league, which the club is entering for the first time, also has one division, playing home or away, but this league plays 4 sets of mixed tennis, followed by 2 sets of men’s & 2 sets of ladies.   The clubs in this are all within 20 miles of Fakenham.

The teams in these leagues have a variety of court surfaces, with differing standards of grass & hard courts, which all adds to the interest of playing match tennis.