Club Tournament – Sunday, April 12th (3 Mar 2015)

The Club Tournament is quickly approaching so can you please let me know if you’d like to play by send me an email at It will take place on Sunday 12 April so can you please let me know by Sunday 5th April. If we have an odd number the final name will unfortunately be unable to play so please get your name in soon!!! I’ll also get a sheet in the club house for those not on email.
The format will be mixed doubles playing a total of 8 games against each of the other pairs – 4 games with your partner, 4 after swapping partners. You keep track of the total number of games you win. For example if you win 3 with your partner and after swapping you score 1, your total for that game is 4, your partners total would be 6 as they scored 3 with you and 3 against you.
In the past where there’s not been enough ladies we’ve made up the numbers with juniors – though if we’re still short it may be all names in the hat!!!
Hope to see you there!