A new web site design (21 Feb 2015)

The club web site has been given a facelift for the new year and is now hosted on WordPress. This new platform will make adding content to the site far easier and ensure that it’s kept up to date.
If you have any ideas for info you would like to see on the site you can let us know via our Facebook page.

Court Improvements Continue (11 Feb 2015)

Following the acquisition of the new clubhouse in 2006, the next phase of our improvements started.

On a snowy Sunday morning in February, 2008, the members finished playing tennis early and swapped tennis rackets for hammers, chisels and other assorted weapons and demolished the two remaining walls that had surrounded the courts.

These walls were approx. 3 feet high and within an hour they were down to court level.

The following morning 4 of us helped the sports centre staff to load the bricks on to a digger, as the team from Doe sport began to remove the old netting, prior to cleaning and painting the posts and erecting new surround netting down to court level.

In April Bryan, with help and encouragement from various committee members, took on the task of re-lining the court, with the newly acquired machine. A somewhat experimental task, very successfully completed and we entered the new league season with vastly improved facilities.

The final, but most important, of our improvements was to get the courts resurfaced, and we are delighted to be able to report that on Sunday, March 18th 2012 club members got very wet, removing all the loose brickwork, ready for work to commence the next day – one week later, on the 26th, the bricklayers arrived & did all necessary repairs. On Thursday, March 29th a team arrived & did all the preparation work, & on Tuesday, April 3rd more men arrived to do the re-surfacing, only for the heavens to open & put a stop to everything for 36 hours. They finished on Thursday 5th,. however with Easter weekend starting the next day, another delay ensued before the lines could be painted.

And, finally!! The club is now looking to improve the floodlighting & are hoping Ben will be able to get some new L.E.D. lighting put up in early 2015.

With good facilities & a successful coaching program in place, the club is looking forward to a secure future.